Convotherm 4 – HygieniCare and sanitisation solutions

Convotherm 4 – HygieniCare and sanitisation solutions
23/06/2020 Moffat Marketing

Safeguarded by one of the best in the market

Maintaining a pristine commercial kitchen has always been paramount in the foodservice businesses, particularly under the current climate. Did you know that Convotherm combi steamer has a range of hygienic features that can make your chef life a lot easier?

Enhanced Sanitation Solutions

Bacteria can grow on surfaces and cause food poisoning during food preparation. For many years, Convotherm combi oven have assured the highest standards of hygiene and sanitisation plus offering additional security against germs transmission.

The design of the range is to make cleaning easy in an environmentally friendly way, which means you can focus more on your customers. Convotherm combi steamers are one of the best because the list of its built-in enhanced sanitation solutions is one of the most extensive in the industry.

The one and ONLY…

The ConvoClean Steam Disinfect function is the only patented design in the market. Convotherm is the only combi steamer oven manufacturer that guarantees complete sterilisation of the cooking chamber during the cleaning process.

Activating the Steam Disinfect function is simply a touch of a button, 100°C steam is injected into the cooking cavity at the last 10 minutes of the cleaning process to kill all microorganisms and bacteria. This process can also be used to sterilise cutlery and other items in the kitchen as well.

sterilise cutlery

The world’s FIRST contactless cooking solution

ConvoSense is the world’s first AI-powered fully-automated cooking program with full automatic product recognition, sensor technology and program control. Contacting the user interface is reduced up to 30 times in the case of operating a classic 10.10 combi steamer oven, which makes manual operation obsolete in the use of a Convotherm combi oven.

Advanced Closed System ACS+

Convotherm combi steamers are the only ovens with a completely sealed cooking chamber in the market. It’s patented ACS+ system captures all the heat and moisture so the temperature rises quickly within the cooking chamber. This process eliminates any germs entering during the cooking cycle.


Minimal contact, it’s intuitive to start cooking, preheat or baking immediately by simply pressing the preset icon with the Press&Go function.

EasyTouch Control Panel

Be safe assured when operating the full icon touchscreen as its flat impervious surface meaning there is no hidden gaps or edges to gather germs or grime. Operators could choose to operate with or without gloves as cleaning is a breeze with a quick wipe down at the end of each shift.

Hygienic Door Handles

The innovative material used in the HygieniCare handles on the Convotherm combis are antibacterial and antimicrobial. It resists any microorganisms or bacteria growing on the handle surface. This helps prevent germs transmission from other surfaces to the handle and lower the chance of food contamination.

ACS + handles

Convotherm had been innovative in their designs to develop different built-in features to help improve efficiency and protect your customers and operators in the long run. For more information or other professional kitchen advice, contact us or book a demo in.

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