Delivery Systems

View our comprehensive range of Burlodge, SDX THermobox, Rieber and Aladdin Temp-Rite mobile cabinets, delivery trolleys, delivery carts, banquet trolleys, insulated food transport boxes and storage trolleys. All of our meal devliery products are HACCP compliant to New Zealand standards to ensure you meet the regulations in safe food handling. All of our Burlodge and Aladdin Temp-Rite meal delivery units are suitable for cook/chill, cook/freeze or cook/serve application with the use of re-thermalisation technology to keep your food safe to give you a quality finish with excellent presentation.

Delivery Trolleys

Delivery systems from serving right up to clearing, Moffat has a series of carts, trolleys, bain-maries and cutlery boxes to fulfil your needs in serving, transporting, supplying, dispensing, keeping warm, distribution, cleaning up and disposal of food.
Stainless steel delivery trolleys for in-house transportation and distribution of food. Available in two versions: heated or refrigerated, a small serving station can be created using the top shelf light/heat and a fold-down shelf accessories on the face or longitudinal side.

Aladdin Temp-Rite's provides innovative solutions to both conduction and convection rethermalised system-of-choice – the Convect Rite III and the Temp-Rite II Excel meal delivery systems ensures that meals are served at HACCP-safe temperatures with a full line of support equipment for cook-chill applications, including refrigerators, drying and storage racks, delivery carts and counters. Aladdin's range of traditional pellet systems remain the market leaders in cook-serve foodservice applications whether the facility is a large acute care hospital or a small nursing home, or anything in between.
The Bpod from Burlodge is an unique nesting system using a Base Station that holds the mechanics and electrical to provide consistent convection heating and cooling while the Pod carries the individualised trays from production through regeneration and then to the consumer. The unique Novaflex single tray system allows for varying space on the hot and cold sides of the tray, based on individual patient choices Active Temperature Maintenance is the key success to the RTS – Ready To Serve system that ensure hot foods are served hot and cold foods are served cold with an advanced meal delivery system for rethermalisation of trayed meals.
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