Trayline Equipment

Aladdin Temp-Rite manufacturers and supplies a full line of dedicated insulated, reusable and disposable trayline equipment for it's meal delivery systems. Aladdin Temp-Rite disposable lids and dinnerware have always been cost effective. They prevent spills and help keep foods and beverages at their proper temperatures, decreasing your inventory and storage space requirements, making traylines less cluttered and confusing, and best of all, saving you money.

Heat On Demand System

Aladdin's Heat On Demand® On Tray™ is a cook and serve system to streamline your meal delivery process  for everyday meal services by eliminating the pellet base, underliner, base heater and base lifter.

Activating a heat source within the tray for 10 seconds gives you up to one hour of hot food holding time. And because the heat source is in the tray and not in a pellet base, plates sit directly on the serving tray, making meal presentation more appealing to your patients.
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