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A simple, effective system of cooking, one that can be used in small to mid-sized kitchens from entry-level restaurants to cafes and takeaway spots. Each piece is designed and built to meet three main criteria – that they can be affordable, functional and reliable.


Cobra Asia Range

Affordable and Reliable

Diversify your creation with the new Cobra Asia range. From stir-fry to the perfect soup noodles, the power and the performance of the new range will match your requirements.

Cobra Asia Range
The Cobra range provides a simple, effective system of cooking, one that can be used in small to mid-size kitchens from entry-level restaurants to cafes and takeaway spots. Each piece is designed and built to meet three main criteria - that they be affordable, functional and reliable. The modular commercial kitchen equipment range of products include: cooktops, commercial oven ranges, salamanders, deep fryers, a barbecue and a griddle toaster.

The main advantage of the Cobra range of commercial kitchen equipment is the economical price tag. Often the key to small business is simplicity, and Cobra offers the essential range of commercial kitchen equipment solutions to meet your needs. What’s more, the range is backed with the service and after sales support that makes all the difference amid the hustle and bustle of the modern day commercial kitchen.


All Cobra gas cooktops have been designed to the with-stand the ever enduring demands of almost and busy commercial kitchen. Available in both 600mm and 900mm options, the cooktop is mounted on a cabinet base offering convenient storage. The simple lift-out 22MJ rated open burner provides performance and easy cleaning. And the cast iron burners and trivets are finished to the highest quality in vitreous enamel lining for good looks and durability.


Fitting a griddle to your cooktop allows an even greater degree of flexibility. Optioning the size of the griddle (from 300mm to the entire cooktop surface) adds to the overall capability of the Cobra cooktop. 300mm, 600mm wide griddle plates can be specified on the Cobra C6C, C6B, C6D, C9B or C9C models and 900mm wide griddle plates can be specified on the Cobra C9A model.

Commercial Oven Ranges

The oven range is centrepiece of any commercial kitchen, it needs to be the workhorse, delivering on expectations time after time. The Cobra range of gas oven/commercial gas range static ovens have a generous gastronorm capacity, with standard 2/1 GN or two 1/1 GN pans in the 900mm models and one 1/1 GN pan on each rack in the 600mm models. The unique high crown heights mean that the oven can consistently deliver the volume required in small and medium-sized eateries.

The optional hob variations allow for a configuration to suit your specific needs and the cast iron burners are removable for quick cleaning. Pot stands, oven liners and the steel commercial oven base tray features complete vitreous enamel lining, allowing for a ready-to-go, easy-to-use commercial oven.

Gas Barbecues

Unlock the taste of genuine barbecue flavour. The Cobra barbecue can deliver that experience without breaking the budget… or the floor plan.

The cast iron grates, used in either a flat or tilted position, have the ideal edge to produce a fine branded finish. V-shaped cast iron burners, radiants and baffle plates are all easily removed for cleaning.



When melting, grilling or toasting the Cobra CS9 salamander is the perfect choice. Salamander configurations include bench or wall mounted options, proven to be a versatile addition in the kitchen.

Compared to standard blue flame systems, the powerful dual infra-red burners offer a far greater efficiency and performance output.

Griddle Toasters

The Cobra CT6 griddle toaster offers full griddle plate performance plus, with the benefit of a toasting compartment.

Specially designed burners and stainless steel radiants perform two different functions, heating the 12mm thick grill plate and providing heat to the toasting rack with five toasting rack positions to choose from.

Deep Fryers

Sleek in design, the Cobra CF2 deep fryer has taken deep frying to a new level, this time with effective ‘cool zone’ that delivers longer oil life, high efficiency testament to its 25kg/hr production rate and powerful 90 MJ/hr multi-jet target burner.

The Cobra CF2 commercial deep fryer also features a stainless steel pan and external finish. It’s the fryer that takes the knocks, and just keeps delivering.

Combi Ovens/Combi-Steamer Ovens

Increase the flexibility of your operation. Cobra’s Electric combi ovens are the perfect addition to the Cobra line-up of affordable equipment for the small to mid-size commercial kitchen. All the benefits of combi oven cooking provided with simple manual controls for cooking mode selection, temperature and time setting.
The Cobra range of combi ovens offer 5, 7 and 10 GN tray capacity options to match the application of almost any commercial kitchen.

Cobra Asia Range

From our renowned Cobra range comes the new addition range of Asian inspired gas cooking equipment, featuring a stockpot, noodle cooker and a series of waterless woks incorporating a trio of size options and burner configurations.

The Cobra Asia range is perfect for any restaurateur looking at equipment for Asian cuisines or planning to diversify their menu by offering a more modern fusion cuisine to its diners.

By choosing the Cobra range, you know it will meet three criteria: affordability, functionality and reliability – backed up by our Moffat’s renowned service and after-sales support.

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From stir-fry to the perfect soup noodle on the menu, the power and performance of the Cobra Asia range can match your requirements.